Thursday, September 15, 2005



All this time I dreamt of you. Thought I found you, longed for you, wanted you, craved you; even hoped for you. All this time. You never came. So I began to thought that either you did not exist or if you did, you simply didn’t want me. Maybe I wasn't good enough for you.

Then I though you were someone else. And I wanted them; thought they were you. Wasn’t until you appeared that I realized I had been all wrong. They weren’t you after all.

So here you are and I have to pinch you to see if you are real. You could be a mirage; a dream, a fallacy that has somehow taken shape, deceiving me into thinking that you are a reality. That’s what I tell myself because you can’t be you.

I talk with you, learn about you and then you shock me. You are you. You are who I said I wanted, longed for, craved, and prayed I would find. But now that you’re here, am I as ready for you as I thought I was?


Blogger Jonezin4Paris said...

You know you're my twin, right! I really like the emotion (the longing and fear) that you write about in this poem. I can totally relate and understand it. Great poem!

8:29 PM  

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