Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Please and Thank You

It's funny how different food looks coming up. How the pale yellow of American cheese, the beigey-pink of sliced processed ham, and the white of mayo and Wonder bread turns into a blob of beige with that tinge of orange from the OJ that burns coming up your throat. I can't keep anything down I'm constantly throwing up and my upper lip has perspiration on it from the effort. Why did I even make that sandwich? I should just go on a hunger strike and starve this baby to death. I said baby, that makes it too real, this thing. This thing that has taken over my body and my mind. Every waking moment I'm thinking about this thing. This thing has ruined my life. I buy maxi pads and hide them in my dresser drawers, for three months like clockwork. No one can find out, no one can find out about this thing.

I am the good girl. I make good grades, I'm on the volleyball team. I say please and thank you. I have a steady boyfriend who is on the basketball team who says please and thank you. His dad is a deacon at my church. I am the good girl.

So, why you ask am I in my pink and white gingham bathroom throwing up my ham and cheese. It's simple and complicated, like all things in life. Simply, I am pregnant. I had sex and I was stupid enough not to insist on any type of birth control and now I am pregnant. Complicatedly, this thing in my stomach's father is the deacon, the deacon who is the father of my boyfriend, who says please and thank you.



Blogger Jonezin4Paris said...

I'm scared to ask you where you got the idea for this from...This is really deep. I like the POV and I especially like that the ending has a twist.

3:25 PM  

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